Our Company

May ’11 NY NY –Two good friends Joe and Phil having a casual conversation about aromatherapy, discussing the various ways of the application of essential oil diffusing, when this light bulb moment came upon them, to create a business that would focus on providing the best options for customers wanting to have variety in aroma diffusing.

Aromatherapy has always been an art of holistic healing and living, throughout the many centuries this has been reflected in the making of fine therapeutic quality essential oils, it is our firm believe that this art be continued on all levels and styles of essential oils diffusion as well.

This is our goal and driving force, we research the world to find all the features possible in aroma diffusers, to realize how we can combine it with other holistic therapies, we then incorporate them in units big or small for all types of aromatherapy uses, our collection includes a full range of all types of affordable quality aroma diffusers for the home or on the go.

As we continue with our mission to better aroma diffusion in every way, we stand by with loyalty to our dear customers, with continuous support and dedication; always feel free to share your thoughts with us, we are eager to listen.