Welledia Effusion Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser (700 ml) - #WEL-837

Welledia Effusion Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser, 700ml - Large Electric Aromatherapy Humidifier with 12 Color Changing LED’s, 360° Rotation Mist Output– 10 Hrs Silent Operation + Auto-Shut Off



  • QUICK AND EFFICIENT ULTRASONIC TECHNOLOGY DIFFUSER ►   Using advanced ultrasonic technology which produces 2.4 million vibrations per second to convert a liquid blend of essential oil and water into a powerful ultra-fine aromatic mist of micro-particles (1.3 microns), Welledia Effusion Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier effectively fills the room with essential oil molecules. It comes with multiple mist settings for easier control and customization; while its multiple timer settings ensure easier run-time customization for 1, 2, 3 hours or even non-stop operation for 10 hours.
  • LARGE AROMATHERAPY DIFFUSER FOR LARGER ROOMS AND ALL-NIGHT DIFFUSION ►   Welledia Effusion Essential Oils Diffuser has a large water reservoir size of 700 ML/23.66 Oz. which can carry a bigger volume of the water-essential oil blend. The electric essential oil diffuser is ideal for all-night diffusion for 10 or more hours and is perfect for medium to large spaces (rooms) such as large Living Room, average Master Bedroom or Hotel Lobby.
  • MAXIMUM AROMATIC AND THERAPEUTIC BENEFITS OF ESSENTIAL OILS ►   Welledia Effusion Aroma Diffuser does not heat or burn essential oils, ensuring that all the beneficial properties of the oils remain intact. The Effusion Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser gives powerful 360-degree-rotation mists that soothe the senses, invigorate the mind and spirit, and treat various physical and emotional ailments. Besides, the essential oil diffuser comes with a reliable ionizer which purifies the air and reduces potential allergy outbreaks.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE SOOTHING LED COLOR-CHANGING LIGHTS ►   Welledia Effusion Aromatherapy Diffuser has 12 rotating LED lights which transition smoothly through all the rainbow colors and gives subtle, soft and soothing illumination. The diffuser can therefore be used at night as a relaxing night lamp for creating ambient and soothing atmosphere. The lights can be turned off or customized according to user preferences.
  • COMPACT WHISPER-QUIET DIFFUSER WITH 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ►   Welledia Effusion Aroma Diffuser offers amazingly silent and powerful operation. It is remarkably compact and ideal for use when traveling. Backed by a dedicated customer support, 1 year full warranty and 100% no questions asked money back guarantee, the diffuser is a risk-free buy. It also comes with AC plug, manual booklet, measuring cup, essential oil dropper and cleaning brush. Click the Orange button to Order Now!




Are you looking for a quiet and efficient aromatherapy diffuser for relaxing your mind, soothing your spirit and treating your physical ailments?

If so, then Welledia Effusion Aromatherapy Diffuser is perfect for you.

Engineered to use advanced ultrasonic diffusion technology to transform water and essential oils into powerful mists of aromatic and therapeutic molecules, Welledia Effusion Aroma Diffuser purifies and humidifies air quickly and silently, resulting in the rapid inhalation of soothing, invigorating and healing molecules. Since the diffuser does not heat or burn the essential oil, the aromatic and therapeutic properties of essential oils remain intact and produce desired effects in the body when inhaled. Besides, Effusion Electric Diffuser & Humidifier has ionizing and purifying effects on the air which help to prevent potential allergy outbreaks.

Supplied with a 700 ML/23.66 Oz. water reservoir tank, this Aromatherapy Diffuser is large enough to support non-stop diffusion for several hours in medium to large rooms and spaces. Simply fill the tank with water, add a few drops of your preferred essential oil to the water and turn on the diffuser to run for as many hours as you want. The diffuser will spew out non-stop mists, humidifying the air and filling your room with the aroma of choice while you go about your routine activities or sleep soundly. Comes with multiple timer and mist settings for easy control and usage, and 12 LED lights for creating an ambient and soothing environment.

USE THIS DIFFUSER FOR 100% THERAPEUTIC GRADE ESSENTIAL OIL: Such as: Aura Cacia, Kis Oils, Woolzies, Fabulous Frannie, Healing Solutions, Now Foods, Edens Garden, doTERRA, Plant Therapy, Bath & Body Works, Edens Garden, Healing Solutions, Majestic Pure, Indigo Wild, Dr Adorable, Nature's Kiss, Plant Guru, Plantlife, Desert Essence, Young Living and many more. Add positive energy and amazing peace to your life with Welledia Effusion Aromatherapy Diffuser & Humidifier.

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Case Quantity: 12

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