Welledia Oasis Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser + Sound Machine - #WEL-844

Welledia Oasis Multi-function Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser, 120ml, Electric Aromatherapy Humidifier w/ Light Therapy, Sound Machine & Speaker – 3 Mist Settings, Works up to 8-hrs, Auto-Shut Off



  • ADVANCED ULTRASONIC TECHNOLOGY ►   with whisper-silence, the Oasis essential oil diffuser uses powerful ultrasonic vibrations which produce micro-particles and create a fine mist that easily disperses and quickly fills your room. Experience the climax of aromatherapy enhanced with light and sound therapy to activate, soothe and invigorate your mind, body and spirit!
  • UP TO 8 HOURS OF PAMPERING ►   it's the aroma diffuser that not only soothes your senses; but also relieves sinus irritations, dry skin and other breathing nuisances. With a 120ml reservoir, 3 x mist settings and advanced ionizing effects which preserve oil properties by not heating or burning essential oils, you get the cleanest aromatic air for longer.
  • ALL-ROUND WELLNESS THERAPY-IN-A-BOX ►   when you want to soak your senses in heavenly moments of Zen, no other aromatherapy diffuser ultrasonic does it better than the Oasis Multifunction Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser and Humidifier. With a powerful aromatherapy diffuser, humidifier, soothing LED changing lights and 5 built-in nature sounds: 1) Chirping Birds 2) Water Stream 3) Waterfall 4) Wind 5) Firewood with Volume control) + Speaker for your external music device (AUX Cable Included) say hello to a whole new world of wellness therapy.
  • ELEGANT AND COMPACT DESIGN, PERFECT FOR TRAVELING ►   the Oasis essential oils diffuser features a stylish wooden base and frosted glass cover, all designed to easily blend with existing decor. Measuring a compact 3.5” X 3.5” X 6.8” and weighing 1.6lbs, it’s the perfect travel accessory to recharge your body and mind after your trip.
  • LOVE IT, OR YOUR MONEY BACK ►   that’s our simple policy here at Welledia, so you can try the Oasis Multifunction Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser and Humidifier completely Risk-Free. In addition to Dedicated Customer Support, 1-Year Full Warranty and after-sale services that include parts replacement; we also offer a No-Questions-Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee.Click the Orange button to order now!





Would you like an aroma diffuser that completely transforms your moments of relaxation and elevates the quality well beyond aromatherapy?

Welledia brings you the Oasis Multifunction Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser and Humidifier, which combines aromatherapy with sound and light therapy, for the ultimate blissful relaxation!

The essential oil diffuser features super-silent Ultrasonic Technology with 1.7mhz ultrasonic vibrations per second, which turn your water plus essential oils blend into micro-particles; creating a fine mist that quickly disperses to fill the room. No heating, no burning; so you benefit from the unadulterated properties of the essential oils.

Complete with volume controls, the sound relaxation function works with a speaker built into the decorative wooden base, built-in high fidelity nature sounds and connectivity port for playing sounds from external devices like iPods, Smartphones, etc. In addition, this essential oil diffuser also features soothing light therapy, with beautiful LED color-changing night lights that glow through the frosted glass cover and can be switched On/Off as preferred.

USE THIS AROMA DIFFUSER WITH 100% THERAPEUTIC GRADE ESSENTIAL OILS: Including: Plant Therapy, Plantlife, Bath & Body Works, Aura Cacia, Edens Garden, Fabulous Frannie, Young Living, Nature's Kiss, doTERRA, Plant Guru, Edens Garden, Healing Solutions, Indigo Wild, Now Foods, Kis Oils, and many more.

Get the Oasis Multifunction Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser and Humidifier and regularly escape to the perfectly relaxing world filled with air purified with essential oil aroma, and soothing lights. Click “ADD TO CART” now!


Case Quantity: 8

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