Welledia Pleasant Essential Oil Glass Nebulizing Diffuser with Bamboo Base and Color LED's

The Pleasant Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser is the perfect way to enliven your home with aroma, color, and light, combining the multifunctional benefits of an aromatherapy diffuser, and air purifier, all into one easy-to-use product. Its features and benefits are optimized to deliver the most satisfying experience from the diffusion of essential oils, morning noon and night, thereby creating a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere in your home or office.

Visually stimulating LED lights which smoothly transitions through all the rainbow colors in a subtle soft illumination, this will affect the mood in your environment and transform your surroundings for the better. Plus its light-weight and decorative design allows you to enjoy these benefits in any room of your home. (Changing color lights cannot be turned off)

Beautiful eco-friendly bamboo base.

The essence of Aromatherapy diffusion is dispersion of therapeutic essential oils throughout your space, gently eliminating odors and removing lingering smells without resorting to synthetic air fresheners, while at the same time safeguarding and protecting your family's health and wellness.

This nebulizer diffuser uses modern atomizer technology that generates a fine mist from millions of micro-particles of pure essential oil, this works by way of a air pump in the base of the unit, which blows a jet of compressed air into a small tube in the glass reservoir, that creates a vacuum that pulls the essential oil liquid at the bottom of the tube to the top of the tube. The air flow blowing across the surface of the oil at the top of the tube blows the oil away in a fine spray or mist, releasing the essential oil as vapor into the air, activating the powerful plant constituents found in therapeutic essential oils, and incorporating it into the atmosphere, spreading evenly throughout the room, calming the mind, body and soul. This type of diffusion puts out the purest form of essential oil in the atmosphere and is the most advanced type of diffusion for the therapeutic use of aromatherapy. With a constant air supply source, this type of diffusion can quickly saturate the air in a room with a large amount of essential oil into the air. There's no water involved like ultrasonic diffusers, there's no heating or burning involved like in evaporative diffusers, this means that the therapeutic properties and vital components of the oils are not altered or broken down whatsoever.




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